LeConte Lodge: The lodge where supplies are delivered by Llamas and helicopters.


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This resort is over 6,500 ft elevation, requires at least a 5-mile hike each way to get there, and has supplies hauled in by Llamas. Sounds interesting, right?

Other people think so, too! This lodge is so popular it sells out for the year (spring to fall), right away when the booking window is opened. The waiting list for cancellations is full on many dates, too.


LeConte Lodge

You’ll find a rustic retreat without electricity at LeConte Lodge, where kerosene lanterns and propane heaters provide heat.

You’ll stay in hand-hewn log cabins and eat at a central dining hall, all part of the wilderness experience.’

leconte lodge
LeConte Lodge
But you need to plan ahead to book a stay here. Its popularity has it booked up immediately as soon as bookings open for the year.

But cancellations occur, and you can join the waitlist on their website.

If you’re flexible, they have a Twitter account where they post last-minute availability due to cancelations.

LeConte Lodge


LeConte Lodge is accessible solely through a network of trails. Here’s a couple of the ways to get there.

They are not considered easy hikes, though people of all ages hike there. And many people hike to and from the lodge in one day (or part of a day).

Alum Cave Trail​

Alum Cave Trail

Distance: 5.0 miles. This scenic but tough hike has a few exposed ledges higher, with hand cables to hook onto.

Rainbow Falls Trail​

Rainbow Falls Trail
Distance: 6.7 miles, leading adventurers from the base to the lodge through enchanting landscapes.

Trillium Gap Trail​

Distance: 6.7 miles. This trail features llamas hauling supplies up to the lodge, offering a scenic and slightly less strenuous route to the lodge.